11. toukokuuta 2014

the bags under my eyes are chanel

listening to the 1975 and feeling like a utter shit is my thing this Sunday. tiredness has been my best friend lately but all i want to do is sleep for couple of weeks.

can you see me?

look at me. i'm falling.

for you.

pills didn't make me happy. they made me an addict. i've tried to stop hating myself for so long now without any progress. so i've decided to only love and if i can't love myself, i will love you with all of my heart. i know, it's not very clever but i am such an idiot in love so who even cares? your kisses are better than any pills. they make me feel so many things all at once. pills just make me numb but sometimes being numb is the best way to cope. but i love you. it's 3:37AM and i'm a bit confused. 
you're all i can think about.

L O A D I N G  . . .

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